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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ending Waiting Lists Has Made it to the Top 3 Ideas

The idea I posted on Ideas for Change at to Fully Fund the Medicaid Waiver program and to make waivers portable has made it to the top 3 ideas under health care on Voting on the first round will end December 31 at midnight - so please do not stop voting because we could lose our place if others obtain more votes.

It does not end here and we need to mobilize in a very big way to make it to the top 10 ideas for America.

Beginning January 5, there will be another round of voting which will end on January 15. During that round, this idea will compete against all other top ideas in all categories until Ideas for Change has 10 top ideas for America to present to the Obama Administration on inauguration day. Some of the other ideas have had many more votes than ours - so every person and organization interested in ending waiting lists and creating portability will need to help reach thousands of people. Please plan on helping in every way you can.

Info about Ideas for Change and what this means for us:

Ideas for Change in America is a project of, an online community and media network for social issues, in partnership with more than three dozen leading organizations, including MySpace, techPresident, the Sunlight Foundation, Netroots Nation, Declare Yourself, Student PIRGs, Voto Latino, HeadCount, and Change Congress. We will launch a national campaign behind each of the top 10 ideas and mobilize the collective energy of the millions of members of, MySpace, and partner organizations to ensure that each winning idea gets the full consideration of the Obama Administration and Members of Congress.

Action Items:
1. From now until the next round of voting, please compile a list of contacts you can reach by email.
2. Join as many Internet support groups as possible and participate in them so that you can post a message to vote on that group. If you go to my main site (linked at the top of the blog) and go to support groups, you can find some there. You can also go to and find a new group.
3. If you are an organization with a membership base, be ready to send several messages to your members to mobilize them into action.
4. Work on your state: find as many organizations who would be interested in this issue as possible. (Just do a google search). Find people to contact at that organization and send a personalized message about the effort and ask them to do all of these action items as well.
5. If you are really interested and ambitious - find groups in other states to contact.
6. If you are an organization, send out press releases.
7. Put a widget on your Myspace, Facebook, Web site, Blog.
8. If you are an organization, contact your national umbrella org and use every networking method you have to get the word out.
9. Add me to your friends on the site.

I would very much like to know what you have done to promote this idea for change in America. You can contact me at the email address for this blog or at Either one is fine.


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